On Writing

This is a story about writing. (A tribute to all writers and bloggers)

At the end of every school year, teachers from kindergarten to high school love to conclude their teaching by asking students to write about their future:

“Well, my lovely class, this week’s composition topic is—My Dream. Please write at least 400 words about it. What do you want to do in the future? A policeman, musician, doctor, lawyer, teacher… I will give the best composition a surprise. So, think about it and hand in to me by the end of this week.” It has been 15 years since Ms. Maple first spoke the same statement to her first class with enthusiasm. She still repeated the same speech now, though without the slightest emotion on her face.

“I want to be a lawyer, like my father, he is so well respected. I am going to the same law school as he did and become a successful lawyer.” Lawyerson said with his eyes blinking in infinity.

“Being a teacher is all that I wish, my mother is a teacher and it’s my honour to educate the pillars of tomorrow.” Teacherme’ peers got annoyed hearing her saying it the 5th time in the afternoon. It was as if listening to the same recording.

Having listened to various but repetitive and ordinary dreams, Werther Armand drew the whole class attention by standing up and said, “Guys, have you asked yourself if you really want to do what your parents do?  Have you not something that you yourself want to do apart from repeating your parents’ path or because being a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a musician looks cool? My dad is a janitor, my mum is a waitress. I pay absolute respect to them for their raising me up. I just have no intention to follow suit. About me, I’d want to be a writer.”

Even Ms. Maple was stunned by such a profound reflection and the whole class’ mouth was zipped up for a couple of seconds. Lawyerson suddenly laughed loudly and broke the awkward silence, “your parents’ professions have somehow nurtured a deviant in our class, obviously. Your parents are just one of the many losers in society who repeat their tedious labour. Hah hah hah, being a writer, you either die poor or get rich post-humourously. My friend, your dream is a total failure. Being a lawyer, however, is…” Before he finished his glory sentence, Werther Armand filled his mouth with a furious punch; Lawyerson lost four teeth and almost bit his tongue.

Of course, I was young and impulsive. I deserved my severe punishment and nearly got expelled from school. Nonetheless, I still am happy that I had the guts to say what I want, to pursue something different from parental or social expectation, moreover, that Lawyerson failed to enter his father’s law school because he was unable to pronounce accurately the law school’s name after losing four teeth. The law professors denied his application.

Having lived 20 some years, life has taught me never to despise anyone because of their ethnicity, profession, background, etc. Everyone is an honourable individual regardless of what he does for a living. To defend one’s dream is an honour, to humiliate one’s dream is a loser. The force will always be with the defender in fighting against the one who humiliates. I am still writing after defending my dignity years ago, while his dream never gets started as a result of having looked down on someone.

Let us continue to write, write whatever we like.

Bye for now, see you next blog!


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