About this blog

Romance of the Chinese man is mainly about Werther Armand’s intellectual reflections. A few recurring characters appear in this blog assisting its development. Please note that they are all fictitious. They do not come from any of Werther Armand’s acquaintances in his real life:

Sir Jean-Paul Macbeth is Werther Armand’s father. A man whose reason is built on his personal honor and masculinity. He looks down on and fears women at the same time. This man truly belongs to the Antiquity.

Lady Constance Macbeth is Werther Armand’s mother. A traditional Chinese woman bearing an English title, she lives mentally in the past with her husband believing one day he would show her some respect, as all women of her generation do…

Marguerite Karenina is Werther Armand’s girlfriend. A young woman interested in digging up secrets of Werther Armand’s past. (All girlfriends are interested in the same thing.) She always dresses herself delicately to please herself and show her youthful femininity.

Lawyerson is Werther Armand’s classmate. A young man whose pride, identity and values change according to what is trendy in popular culture. His first appearance in this blog costs him four teeth and failure to approach his dad’s expectation (to become a lawyer).

Hope you will enjoy following it!


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