On Memory 3

There is one more story about memory.

A considerable period of time has passed since Werther Armand retrieved memory from his own brain. As a result of the technology advancement, storing and retrieving precious pictures, videos and messages on one’s computer or facebook account would naturally be more precise and efficient. Nowadays, people need not suffer the detriment of Parkinson’s disease to lose their memory. Everyone depends on some ‘thing’ else to retrieve their memory instead of their own brain. The rise of information technology is a synonym of the rejuvenation of Parkinson’s disease.   40 years later, no one will be able to talk about their life stories to their grandsons and grand-daughters without scrolling his social media page.

Werther Armand was no exception to this culture a couple of years ago. Although he soon stopped doing so, a great part of his memory had been outsourced to his laptop and he seldom opened those folders even they were just one click away. Perhaps he just forgot their existence for no reason but coincidence.

What happened next was that, one day, his beloved PC broke down without any prior malfunction and he had no back-up aside from one piece of message and the other piece of picture from the cloud (the information stored in the web server). It was like a thunder hitting right on his forehead that he wanted to make sure those forgotten would not be lost permanently. He tried to reassemble them based on what he could access which made him a Frankenstein memory. Something happened here, but it was not exactly like that; something happened there so he took this picture, but what was it? In what occasion did he meet this girl? This series of questions dragged him immediately into the abyss of despair as if he was an amnesia patient. How haunting it was to lose every bit of data and memory all of a sudden. Not because of your own death, but some dead machine’s death!

In a blast fury and desperate fear, he called the customer services and cried SOS. The CS guy told him to send the PC for a thorough check which would take him more than a month and the lost data would not be recovered.

Werther Armand, “What? you should have tested well before putting the product in the store. If it is not ready, your company should not sell it. This is unfair to the customer. What am I going to do? All my pictures, memory, movies, etc. are on my laptop!

The CS guy, “Thank you for calling, sir, we are sorry for such a situation. However, it is not recommended that our customers entrust their data solely on the computer. Honestly, have you watched the Terminator trilogy? The mankind vanished almost entirely because of the same misjudgment that machines could be trusted. Therefore, in order to protect your data more efficiently, we recommend you to use our cloud-computering service. It is just 9.99 USD per month if you subscribe now.”

Werther Armand, “Jesus! What kind of selling technique it that? First, you sold me a piece of unreliable trash and now you are selling an additional insurance as a remedy for this piece of trash. What about the stuffs that are gone now? Do you not think that this is ridiculous? I am the one to blame for trusting your product quality, right? “

I was too furious and hung up the phone. A moment later, however disappointed I was, I always wanted to watch the Terminator trilogy consecutively and I did so. The CS guy was right. The Terminator has always been an incredibly visionary movie. Never put your human rights to the machine’s hands. Otherwise the end of the world would come soon. For our modern society, the judgment day is the day when you wake up and realize you can’t remember what you ate last night without looking at your facebook status!

Bye for now, see you next blog.


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