On Women

This is a story about women. (So, this entry is going to be longer than usual. Yes, for women!)

Millions of words have been written on women since the Stone Age. (Was there a gender difference at that time?) Having talked about men, it may seem sexist if the vestige of women is absent in the universe of the Chinese man. Werther Armand, as an emerging champion liar, is both obliged and honored to join this eternal discussion so as to have his name sculptured somewhere in history.

Werther Armand was a pretty misogynous kid as influenced by his dad’s masculinity class as well as those  superman animations that men were the hero kicking the monster’s ass and saved those passive, clumsy and weak heroines. Consequently, he superstitiously believed that women, according to the animations and his dad’s definition, would be annoying and troublesome to his way to be a man. (Then, why did his dad get one in his house?)  So whenever those cute and innocent little princesses had a crush on him, he treated them maliciously and walked away as a man. (Yes, it is them, not her. Plural form! He has broken a number of hearts since his childhood.) His mother has never been an exception either. Even at the age of 25, he still commands his mum to serve him rice like a king ordering a slave. As James Brown ‘s song goes, It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World. Werther Armand enjoys his trivial self fulfillment as a man.

Hey, fellas, let bygones be bygones. We-men no longer live in that generation! If ever it does exist a woman today who is willing to put up with such arrogance, it can only be your mother. On the contrary, if a man holds that superiority over his girlfriend/wife, provided that she is  sane and not a masochist, he will probably have his little brother decapitated asleep.

Wait! If that is the case, for what reason we often encounter or hear of  that man I just described above? This is where the problem lies. As a personal opinion, I do believe that women are more vulnerable in the name of  love, either maternal or romantic. (Watch out, I say in the name of love, not love.)  I do not think that it be unfamiliar to many mothers that they fail to resist their children looking at them like what Puss in boots does when he is in danger in Shrek. Neither will young girls be ignorant to those boys (even sick middle-aged men) who plead them for losing virginity like dogs pleasing their master for food. (I’ve hardly heard of the contrary, though I think it happens.)

I am not suggesting, nor assuming that women are foolish. On the contrary, I think they are very generous and we men are double-ish, selfish and childish.  Do you not think that men mostly do things for themselves but not the others? When boys are indulging themselves in toy cars and robots within our small masculine space, girls are doing role play and inviting boys to join them. (That was the moment I refused my boyhood princesses.)  It is always women who satisfy the needs of men. Women’s happiness is external while men’s internal. If your mum does not get you some Lego blocks, you will have to suck your finger to kill your childhood time. If your girlfriend/wife refuses to make love to you, you will be masturbating sadly which may help relieve one of the many biological needs, but never the psychological one.

I began this blog with It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, and I would like to end it urging us, men, to listen to the verse that follows, But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl. Women are indeed the backbone of men. Perhaps the saying that all successful men have a strong woman behind is right:

All of a sudden, Werther Armand’s mum broke into his bedroom and screamed furiously, “Cut your crap, that’s enough, how much longer do you want to go on your virtual farce of spreading your nonsense to the world? Go get a job and stop sucking my money. I can’t believe I’ve given birth to a nerd! I expected you to be some politician and bring me some banknotes. Look what you’re doing here? You are such a loser! The son of Mrs. Nouveaurich is the manager of…”

I love my mum because her fierce discourse did not stop her from paying my Internet connection bill. That is why I can go on to diffuse the virus of the Chinese man. Thank you for spoiling me!

Bye for now, see you next blog!


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