On Loneliness

This is a story about loneliness.

Werther Armand dislikes to be lonely. Unfortunately, renowned in the neighborhood as a desperately traditional Chinese woman who pushes the kids to the maximum, his mum learnt from some dusty Chinese classic that all successful men in Chinese history had locked themselves up in some extreme condition for a couple dozen years to study. She eventually believed that the same experience would be helpful to her son becoming someone in the future too. (Yes, Chinese is a pragmatic people, look at how much money the Chinese governors and businessmen earn from abusing their power.) She arranged her son’s study in a little dull untouched corner of the apartment they live. She wanted him not to move away from that pitiful place except going to pee or having dinner. Little Werther Armand was too young to understand and thought that was love. He obediently followed his mum’s teaching and learnt to speak the language of spiders. (The only living things in the study.) Nevertheless, he disappointed his mum for choosing to be a champion liar in history but not some lucrative profession.

I will be too inhumane if I blame my mother for lecturing me that loneliness is no monster. In fact, recognizing the fact that we are always more lonely than accompanied do us more good than harm. At least, when all of a sudden people you tend to rely on leave or betray you, you will not collapse right away. (Notice that I don’t say if, I say when. It is not a conditional. Isn’t it scary?) The show must go on and life is a bitch. Understanding the art of being alone is the first phase of adulthood. I suppose no one wants to be lonely. However, would it not be more miserable to hang around with empty souls to hide your loneliness? I prefer my mum’s perspective.

My opinion is that loneliness is not necessarily negative. Sometimes we are in need of it to step back and think. And, it can be a good excuse when you commit an unfaithful sin:

Marguerite Karenina, whose the girlfriend of Werther Armand, caught him in bed with another woman on the scene, “Damn you unfaithful asshole, are you kidding me? I fly 12 hours from Hong Kong to give you a surprise and that’s what you repay me? “

Werther Armand excused himself with tears of guilt dribbling on his cheeks, “Darling, I’ve been feeling lonely, you know, alone abroad… please forgive me… For life is short and happiness lasts not, do you not want to join us? You know ménage-à-trois is what we do here in France…”

I was born to be a man, which unfortunately means that I am less resistant to loneliness aroused by some attractive young woman. Live the loneliness!

Bye for now, see you next blog!


4 thoughts on “On Loneliness

  1. “I was born to be a man, which unfortunately means that I am less resistant to loneliness aroused by some attractive young woman.”

    And which unfortunately means that you have to spend your time making excuses for yourself… Do you seriously imagine for a second that being a woman means that you are more resistant to loneliness? Or that you are less likely to be aroused by a handsome young man whispering goosebumps in your eager ear? Come now, don’t be a fool my dear Armand…

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