On Men

This is a story about men.

Once upon a time, at the very beginning of Werther Armand’s life, the first person he had recognized was his mother. Naturally, he began his journey to adulthood imitating all feminine features of his mother. One day, his hysterical dad freaked out and took away little Werther Armand from his wife. He could not tolerate his son, a to-be-man, playing stuffed toys and helping out housework. He shouted endlessly at this innocent little boy who was still sucking his finger that men should act coarsely and leave the housework to women. Little Werther Armand was scared by his masculinity and he eventually obeyed his father. After 20 years of socialization, he is confident today to claim himself a man who adds the F word to every expression coming from his mouth and maintains his manhood by refusing to bear the duty of women.

I am not particularly thankful of becoming a man. Men’s ego is oversized by the presence of their external organ between the legs which, in simple English, men are seldom capable of facing their own weaknesses. Most men do not live, they either dream of great plans or speak of their momentary achievement  dated back to the Stone Age for most of their life. Life is short! Why do men spend time on imagining themselves as invincible gladiators (super smart young handsome millionaires) fighting with some monster (burning cash) to protect the princess of  Far Far Away kingdom (to hook up with a perfect woman combining the beauty and voluptuousness of Megan Fox and Jessica Alba)? For life is too cruel, I agree that leading a rich spiritual life may relieve disappointment, (Or get worse when you wake up seeing women resembling Godzilla?) men just have to pay attention to the addictiveness of this habit:

Some young naked woman posing her cheek on Werther Armand’s knee says in a  sensual tone running her tender fingers on the zipper of his jeans like on a piano, “You are so smart and handsome. Do you want to marry me…this sexy youthful beautiful mermaid and share your wealth with me? I love you…”

Werther Armand “Yes…yes…there…right…yes”

It is nice to imagine, though I do not think that it be a nice scenario to come true. That super hot mermaid will immediately change the direction of her hands to your pocket.

Sigh…A man can be hopelessly stupid when his focal point is awakened. Perhaps I  should not have listened to my dad to be a man.

Bye for now, see you next blog!


10 thoughts on “On Men

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  2. Lol mais lol prince, seriously! Sometimes I despair of you! Although I do not doubt that one day a sexy mermaid will run her soft fingers up and down the zipper of your jeans, i do not like your insinuations that what all sexy young mermaids want is cash. This is way too chinese for my liking… see you next blog!

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