On Love

This is a story about love.

Werther Armand knew perfectly the definition of love since his first finger sucking at age zero. His skin was so soft that every one wanted a bite of him. However, since no foreign blood had been present in his family tree which was a proof of his pure Chinese petty mind heritage, he was reluctant to share his tenderness to anybody. He just wanted to appreciate, enjoy and suck his own finger. What would have been the pleasure of this narcissistic behavior had it been shared? Would love be named love without self-satisfaction and possession? Come on, let us be realistic! From now on, be honest to your first lover that he/she is not your puppy love, your finger is. (name your mum’s nipple second if you were breast-fed.)

Love is an expression of possession. I prefer using love as a noun to a verb because I believe we only share our love to someone (or something if you have extraordinary needs). The overtone of I love you is I want to possess you. (I want to make you my bitch sounds better though.) The only time I use love as a verb is I love myself because I truly possess my body and my soul. If you are sure that you can possess someone, (like your finger) go ahead and tell him/her I love you; (I love my finger) I will surely congratulate on your finding the love (the finger) of your life!

Hey, what about marriage? They say when two people are in love, they get married. With my limited life and love experience, I am not capable of judging the dependability of this statement. Nonetheless, I warmly invite you to ask the married couple of our days if their marriage was a result of being so much in love. I am not very optimistic about the outcome:

Werther Armand asks his friend, “Did you get married because of love, dude?”

His friend answers with thankful tears, “It truly is love. We pay less tax now and we can tell our boss that we have a family to avoid working overtime. You know, many travel agencies and shops have special discounts for married couples…”

Ironic though it is,  we are very good at encapsulating possession attempts with beautiful reasons in the name of love.  Why can’t we just be honest to ourselves?

Bye for now, see you next blog!


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