On Honesty

This is a story about honesty.

A considerable long time ago when Werther Armand was a nasty little devil kid drooling and holding his mum’s hand, his literary talent had already been shown in his exaggerations and lies intended to get more attention (and candies) from the adults. His mum was very concerned about his mature lying skills at an early age. Would her son be in trouble some day if he continued to talk nonsense? As a traditional decent Chinese mother, she launched a series of rehabilitation attempts expecting Wether Armand to be an honest Chinese young man. Did she succeed? (I think this interrogation has given the hint of her failure and I need not continue this paragraph.)

As I travel in the magic of time encountering various people, I realize that honesty is an external concept, an expected virtue imposed by society. It has never been intrinsic; instead, we are educated to be honest and we all turn out to be very poor students. Honesty has become a lie passing by adults who fail to live up to it to their children.

We all lie for some reason. The important thing is, never lie to yourself. You may flatter your boss’ s intelligence to secure your job while you are despising his stupidity from the bottom of your heart; you may tell your partner that you love him/her because you are just too afraid of him/her knowing that you do not want to jerk off on your own. (Anyway, mutual masturbation is another sad thing. I will talk about this subject later.) This is fine. But, if you start telling yourself you are good at something which obviously you are not and you refuse to accept the fact. (You can replace are good at something by love someone, it’ll be the same.) I am sorry for you.

Actually, having written a few hundred words telling people to stop lying to themselves, I should be ashamed of  disappointing my mum because writer is the champion liar in human history:

Werther Armand’s mum, “son, a good kid shall not lie, now stop your theories and eat more rice. “

Wether Armand, “Mum, I am 25, I ain’t kid anymore, I do whatever I like. Now get me some pants, I just pissed mine. “

This nasty boy has never changed and he never will. The only person he cannot be dishonest with is his mum because she always knows when he lies.

Bye for now, see you next blog!


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