On Pigeon

This is a story about pigeon.

A few years ago, when I first came to Europe, my first impression of this exotic continent was the obese pigeons parading on the roads and streets that people, dogs and cars had to share (or forced to cede?) their walking space with these overweight birds. This impression has been enriched during the two years I have been living in France, for example, by Bolognese pigeon bodies on the tramway.

I guess their death is caused by their ignorance to the gap between their imagined and real body weight as well as their greed for a pathetic quantity of bread. When a vehicle approaches, they imagine their imagined flying speed will easily get them away from being knocked down. Unfortunately, though strong is the will of a being which transforms imagination to reality, the power of nature still reigns the attributes of a pigeon. The moment they stretch out their wings to say bye bye to the life menace with a 120% filled stomach, this is the conversation which appears most likely between them and God:

Mr. Pigeon A asks himself, “Why am I not flying with my wings flipping?”

God replies without mercy, “Sorry, dude, you are overweight and now come to daddy.”

And of course, Mr. Pigeon A does not have time to refuse his daddy’s offer and become Bolognese sauce.

Why is this creature so interesting to a native of Hong Kong? Well, back in my hometown, a concrete city of seven million people, biological flying objects are scarce in the downtown, neighborhood and commercial zone. Also, Hong Kong pigeons are smaller than those I have seen in Italy, France and Germany. (So far I think German pigeons are the biggest, let us talk about it later) If Hongkongers allow pigeons to be so cocky like the western Europeans do, the overabundance of pigeon will sink the city. Hong Kong will be crushed by the pigeons and become Bolognese sauce. (Sounds a pretty good revenge against God for the European pigeons)

So, happy am I to see them in Europe. But, please do not come to Hong Kong.

Bye for now, see you next blog!


9 thoughts on “On Pigeon

  1. First, ewwww to the bolognese sauce description. I will never look at spaghetti the same way.
    Second, lol to “biological flying objects”, I liked this expression.
    Can’t wait for next post!

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